Partner with HP for the environment

HP is leading the shift to more environmentally sustainable printing HP realise that the development of innovative solutions designed with the environment in mind is not an option, it’s an imperative.

That’s why HP is committed to programmes that help reducing their ecological footprint and help customers and partners reduce theirs. By developing high quality products, services and solutions designed with the environment in mind, HP is helping to lead global businesses towards a sustainable future. HP have produced more than 2.6 billion Original HP Ink and Toner cartridges with recycled plastics since 2005

Recycled cartridges have a:

  • 33% lower carbon footprint (equal to taking 1455 cars off the road for one year) 
  • 54% reduction in fossil fuel consumption 
  • 75% lower water consumption Recycle your used cartridges - it is free and responsible.

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