For all your HP needs.requirements.demands.

HPHut was established to bring the best prices for HP products to end users and businesses alike. 

Who We Are

HPHut was founded in 2017. Our HQ is based in London and we have our main warehouse in Scotland. 

Our business philosophy is simple: to give all our customers, whether they are a business or a consumer precisely what they want and when they want it at a competitive price.

We have excellent relationships with many large distributors / wholesalers in the UK and pass on the benefits of these excellent relationships to all our customers.  At HPHut, our focus is to look after our customers and to save them money and time when purchasing.  This is why we have invested in what we believe is an excellent and intuitive website, giving our customers 24/7 service.  Our prices are updated daily to take into account any variances due to exchange rates.  Also, on our home page you will see all the available special offers we receive, which we are pleased to pass onto our customers.